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Intent is Everything

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Staying True to Your Core, Your Clients and Yourself

By Julia Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing

What are your intentions? At the risk of sounding like a dad quizzing his daughter’s date, I dare to ask this question of you, the entrepreneur. Understanding your intentions and reaffirming your core values is a great way to start each day.

As markets tighten and the economy shifts, it’s sometimes easy to fall into the traps that remove us from the heart of who we are and who we choose to be. Some find themselves cutting corners, “exaggerating” the truth and being dishonest–not only with the people around them, but also with themselves. They justify their actions by telling themselves that their intentions are good, but there is just not enough time, money, energy, etc. these days to do what’s right or necessary.

Intent is everything, and with it must come integrity, character and the passion to be not just the person you are, but the person you intend to be: The superhero your children, family and friends rely on. The one you can look at in the mirror at the end of the day, knowing you did your best and gave your all.

Intent goes by many names. Steven Covey calls it your moral compass, your guiding force. Some call it conscience, others your ‘authentic self.’ What do you call it? It’s interesting how that divining rod that drives some to greatness day after day is totally missed by others. It can be the difference between becoming your personal best and just getting by.

So for today, this month–or hey, maybe a lifetime–I challenge you to stay focused and true to the things, practices and principals that enable
you to successfully:

-help those around you
-believe in abundance
-cast off the negative
-focus on high-priority activities
-continuously learn
-seek and give guidance
-sleep easy, knowing that you have done your best

Consider these “integrity trackers,” and ask yourself at least
once a week:

-Am I providing the best service possible for my customers?
-Am I thanking those who help me succeed both personally and professionally?
-Am I seeking out personal development opportunities such as courses, seminars, books and audio series?
-Am I being financially responsible by creating and acting on a plan that will provide security for myself and my family?
-Am I consistently reaching out to my sphere of influence so that I can effectively grow and maintain my BusinessBASE™?
-Am I taking the time to recharge mentally, physically and emotionally each week so that my family, clients (and that face in the mirror) get the happiest, healthiest me possible?

For some, it will take reorganization, introspection and real courage to stay the course in this tough market. Is it worth it to stay focused on the things and people that matter? To ensure you’re abiding by the principles that guide your life for the better? Sure it is. As Shakespeare once said, “To thine own self be true.” So the concept must have some staying power! Believe in your ability to maintain integrity, and you will grow your business with momentum and peace of mind.

Market after market, year after year, client after client, people want to work with those whom they trust, respect and care about. Your intentions are your “tell.” They give you away, mark who you are and guide your life. It’s up to you to make good on them.

Go ahead, show us what you’re made of. We believe in you! It’s one of the best parts of our job here at Opportunity Knocks: holding tight to our intentions while helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and realize their dreams. And in keeping with our “integrity trackers,” we thank you for the role you allow us to play in your lives.

Discover how we can help develop your team with vision, purpose and productivity through foundation-building skills, winning mindsets and tremendous tools not just for tough markets, but for ANY market. Now more than ever, it is essential to play with intention and integrity in our daily lives.

Our team of professionals is ready, willing and passionate about bringing the best resources in the industry to your organization. Call us at 800.287.5710 or visit http://www.oppknockspostcards.com if you need us! We’re here to help.


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